Dark Space Corp & Rick Priestley’s New Game

It’s not every day you hear that Rick Priestley, the creator of Warhammer 40,000, is launching a new science fiction game so we’re getting rather excited about it here.  Dark Space Corp is his new company and their first game is going to be Beyond the Gates of Antares, a science fiction combat game.

Details are pretty slim at the moment although I’m sure we’ll here a lot more about it in the build up to their Kickstarter, but what’s got me really excited is the prospect of being involved right at the beginning of an evolving world.  If you’ve already read my article on the origins of Warhammer 40,000′s Space Marine Primarchs then you’ll know how incredibly detailed Rick’s worlds are – how awesome will it be to be the next Pedro Kantor?

But enough of my ramblings, here’s the press release from Dark Space Corp themselves: -

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Dark Space Corp proudly announces Beyond the Gates of Antares – Rick Priestley’s brand new science fiction wargame universe.

It’s a collaboration project between Rick Priestley and YOU so if you fancy helping to build a new miniature wargame universe then get involved and head over to our growing community of designers, modellers, painters and wargamers here: www.darkspacecorp.com

We’re creating an entirely original setting for a new and original game – a new idea for new times. This is a game that takes science fiction wargaming forward, with a fresh and unsettling vision of a future where mankind has spread amongst the stars… and changed. Changed into a species so much more than human… and so much less!

GoA is the world’s first real-time dynamic gaming universe – a mighty statement! (and a bit of a mouthful…) Let us explain: As you play the game and feed us the results of your battles (through our website or smartphone App), those results then change how we create, what we write, who we write about, what happens next and ultimately which of the rival species and factions receive rewards.  Those rewards come in lots of shapes, including (but not limited to): New developments in weaponry and other armaments, access to ancient alien secret technologies providing local game bonuses, enhanced technology add-ons for vehicles and other equipment that boost your force’s performance, and the opportunity for your factions to be the first to access new models and open up new areas of Antarean space.

Help us create the world’s first real-time completely interactive tabletop gaming universe – with a constantly evolving back-story driven by real player participation and featuring the most successful players as actual world characters – want to know more? Join us today and become one of the Honoured Founders of the Antarean gaming universe.

We’re Kickstarting!

We’re launching our Kickstarter on 1st Jan 2013 and we’ll be adding early details of each pledge reward tier to our website within the next week or so

We’re doing this so that we can see if you are interested in not only helping us define the game rules, artwork, miniature range, tactical abilities, scenery, vehicles and everything else but also backing us to fund the project. Backers will get very early access to all our evolving content, including alpha rule books (est april 2013) and miniature design concepts (est Jan/Feb!) as we develop them so that you can play with your friends, discuss what the good and bad points are and talk with your fellow backers before feeding back to us so that we can adapt our thoughts to be more inline with yours.

We already know much of the initial design (well, it’s mostly in Rick’s head at the moment) and we want to work with a unique set of people with the vision to fund it and help us make it the best wargame experience that exists.

Simply put: we NEED you!

Get involved here www.darkspacecorp.com



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